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Looking for an Estate Agent in Limehouse? HurfordSalvi Carr Docklands Office is the place to look. Our waterside office overlooks the Limehouse Basin, making it a unique location. It is also in the heart of the local community. Our team of experienced estate agents are here to assist you. We are committed to making the selling and renting process as easy as possible. We are happy to answer any queries that you might have.

Franklyn James - Located in Limehouse, this estate agency has been in business for over 35 years. Whether you are buying or selling a home, Franklyn James has the expertise to find the best tenants for you. They will interview potential tenants, ensuring they will pay rent on time and create a harmonious living environment. You can also trust them to help you get the best price for your property. To get more detailed info on Estate Agents in Limehouse, visit on hyperlinked site.

The HouseShop - Using a property portal to sell your home is a great way to save thousands of pounds. Whether you decide to sell privately or through an estate agent, you can book a free professional valuation of your property. This will ensure your flat is priced in line with current house prices. You can also get your flat valued by a licensed professional for PS250,000, which is a fantastic way to protect yourself from overpriced properties.

Daa Residential - An estate agent in Limehouse specializing in residential sales, lettings, and property management, Daa Residential aims to provide the best service for clients. The company's headquarters are in the heart of the London Docklands. The team of experts at Daa Residential works with you to sell, rent, and manage properties in the area. The company also has four offices in prominent high street locations.

Rubicon estate agency - The original Docklands estate agent, Rubicon has been in Limehouse since the early nineteenth century. This estate agency specializes in residential sales in Limehouse and its surrounding areas, including Spitalfields, Whitechapel, and Poplar. The firm is an independent, family-run estate agent in Tower Hamlets. Its staff are well-trained, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Limehouse is a highly desirable area of London. The district is home to many wealthy city professionals. The area is a mix of modern and period homes, and boasts beautiful river views. It's also less expensive than the neighbouring suburbs of Wapping. However, property in Limehouse can be expensive. Therefore, if you want to rent or buy a property in Limehouse, it is best to hire an estate agent.

The area is a desirable location in London. In addition to the city, the district has several important landmarks that should not be missed. The area also has several pubs and famous landmarks. The Gordon Ramsey restaurant is located in Limehouse. Sir Ian McKellan owns the Narrow and the Grapes. Those living near the harbour will be able to keep their yachts in the area. Aside from the vibrant city center, Limehouse is a popular place to live in.